Drip Irrigation Maintenance

Surface Water

  • Agritec – a liquid copper available, in Cu++ Cupric form
  • PAA – Peroxyacetic Acid Line, Organic Treatment
  • KOCL – Potassium Hypochlorite the latest in chlorination utilizing the Potassium Ion vs. Sodium or Calcium.

Ground Water

  • Kleen Flo and Kleen Flo M, True Flo and Pure Flo for Scale and Mineral control
  • Fe-X-2 for Iron fouled wells

Reservoir Treatment


  • Agritec Copper – Understanding Concentration and Contact Time, in coordination with our Customer
  • KOCL Super Chlorination – Rapid Shock treatment, knowing Water Volumes and Conditions
  • Technique and Application are Keys To Success!

Aquatic Weeds Challenge

Endothal, Hydrothal, Fluoridone. All are available through Ag Water Chemical

Flush and Remediation

  • PAA for Biological and Fertigation caused Fouling.
  • SuperChlorination for Biological Fouling.
  • Acidification for Scale and Mineral Deposition.
  • SuperChlorination and Acidification for Root Intrusion.

Well Treatment

Well Treatment leads with the introduction of the FE X2 product but other products can be used like SuperChlorination or PAA, based on conditions and if the Well has any tie in to a Potable Water System.

Well Treatment requires that the well be treated, surged 3 times to the surface BUT NOT introduced to the drip or irrigation system, let sit for 48-72 hours then pumped to waste prior to introduction to a Reservoir or Drip Irrigation System.