Organic Water Treatment for Drip Irrigation Systems

At last. A solution to manage water quality for drip irrigation systems for Organic Growers.

Replete-O is a blend of peroxyacetic acid, an oxidizer, that may be used to control algae, bacteria and mineral contamination in drip irrigation systems where an approved organic solution is required. Replete-O is also utilized in system remediation in situations where lack of maintenance have resulted in plugging and have compromised drip system performance.

  • Replete-O is EPA registered and OMRI certified
  • Zero hour re-entry interval
  • Efficient control of a broad spectrum of bacteria, algae, and other organisms
  • Effective within a wide range of pH values
  • Biodegradable, no toxic by-products

When used at the recommended rates, Replete-O helps maintain the efficiency of drip irrigation systems. Plugging and contamination reduce system uniformity and have an impact on the quantity of water applied to meet crop demands. Maximize water and nutrient utilization by ensuring high irrigation system efficiencies with Replete-O, the most effective Organic alternative for dripline maintenance.