Irrigation Water Treatment

Ensures proper water flow through drip irrigation systems by preventing clogged driplines.

True-Flo is a proprietary liquid blend of synergistic chemistries designed to control mineral precipitation in agricultural irrigation systems. True-Flo is formulated to prevent plugging in irrigation systems caused by iron, manganese, and calcium deposits. The unique blend of polyphosphates, chelating agents and dispersants work together to maintain free flowing irrigation.

  • Proprietary blend utilizes 4 modes of action: complexation, sequestration, chelation and dispersion
  • Product is stable and effective over a wide range of water characteristics – not pH or temperature dependent
  • The specialty polyphosphate component of True-Flo has a low reversion rate compared to other products
  • Provides a gradual removal of existing deposits
  • Highly concentrated product allows for cost-effective feed rates