Water Treatment Control of Algae and Bacteria

Maintain your irrigation uniformity by preventing contamination and growth of algae and bacteria in reservoirs, canals and drip irrigation systems.

AgriTec™ is the most effective copper product utilized to control contamination of irrigation water due to algae and bacteria growth. AgriTec™ is extremely flexible and is registered for maintenance of drip irrigation systems, reservoirs and canals.

  • Release of cupric ion based on biological demand, as opposed to water conditions, provides higher effectiveness, this translates to lower application rates than other copper products.
  • Effective in high pH conditions.
  • Self-dispersing agents allow for even distribution in reservoirs and canals without spraying or agitation.
  • No re-entry restrictions to field after treatment.
  • Maintains the efficiency of your drip system to ensure uniform application of water and nutrients saving energy and water.
  • Full utilization of water and energy by maintaining irrigation system efficiency.

When used at the recommended rates, AgriTec™ helps maintain the efficiency of drip irrigation systems. Plugging and contamination reduce system uniformity and have an impact on the quantity of water applied to meet crop demands. Maximize water and nutrient utilization by ensuring high irrigation system efficiencies with AgriTec™.

*Nonpublic health bacteria

Reservoir contaminated with algae before treatment with AgriTec™.

Algae-free reservoir after treatment with AgriTec™.