Potassium Hypochlorite

Chlorination Treatment for Sanitation of Water and Irrigation Systems

Chlorine-based water sanitation and drip irrigation maintenance!

Potassium Hypochlorite is a chlorination solution that adds potassium instead of sodium and calcium salts to your irrigation water. It is an extremely effective chlorine based solution utilized to control algae and bacteria. Potassium Hypochlorite is an effective method to help manage root intrusion in Subsurface Drip Irrigation systems.

  • A sodium-free replacement for sodium hypochlorite
  • A calcium-free replacement for calcium hypochlorite
  • Enhances plant growth by adding potassium instead of sodium to the soil
  • Improve water quality by reducing pathogenic organisms and bacteria

Potassium Hypochlorite is the new alternative for chlorine based sanitation and drip irrigation maintenance. Adds potassium in the form of K2O instead of sodium salts or calcium salts to soils. Potassium Hypochlorite helps maintain the efficiency of drip irrigation systems.

Plugging and contamination reduce system uniformity and have and impact on the quantity of water applied to meet crop demands. Maximize water and nutrient utilization by ensuring high irrigation system efficiencies with Potassium Hypochlorite, the best chlorine-based solution for agriculture.