Inhibits Ferrous Related Problems in Irrigation Systems

Don’t let iron decrease the efficiency of your drip irrigation system.

Fe-X-2™ is a proprietary liquid blend of chemistries designed to control high levels of iron contamination in agricultural irrigation systems. Fe-X-2™ is a phosphonic acid and an ammonium complex blend that both prevents ferrous ions from converting to ferric ions in the irrigation system and also converts ferric ions back to ferrous ions.

Ferric ions are associated with iron corrosion and an iron gelatinous slime build-up that creates plugging in drip irrigation systems. By preventing the formation of ferric ions, Fe-X-2™ maintains a free flowing system. Fe-X-2™ is extremely effective for shock treatment of wells contaminated with iron corrosion and other related issues.

  • Fe-X-2™ prevents plugging in drip irrigation systems from high levels of iron in the water.
  • Product is stable and effective over a wide range of water characteristics including pH levels up to 9.0.
  • Highly concentrated product allows for cost-effective feed rates.