Cop Check

Algae and Tadpole Shrimp Control for Rice

Its time to take a pro-active approach to ensure a uniform stand in your rice fields.

CopCheck is a proprietary liquid copper product, registered as an Algaecide and Bactericide* for rice fields that offers solid performance across a wide range of water conditions to control algae and tadpole shrimp.

Algae growth and tadpole shrimp have a negative impact on your rice stand.

Apply CopCheck after planting when the first signs of algae growth or tadpole shrimp appear until your seedlings are well rooted and have emerged through the water.

Unlike other liquid copper products, CopCheck’s proprietary formulation ensures that the active ingredient, metallic copper, is delivered 99.99% of the time in the form of the biologically available cupric ion. In addition, CopCheck’s formulation is “self dispersing” and releases it’s active ingredient based on biological demand and is not dependent on water conditions like pH or alkalinity.

When used early and at the recommended rates, CopCheck keeps algae and tadpole shrimp in “Check”, assisting your rice seedlings in getting the time needed to establish a healthy stand and attain maturity.

Factors such as depth, temperature and the amount of algae and tadpole shrimp present can affect the dose of CopCheck needed to attain control. Please consult your representative for actual rates needed.

*Nonpublic health bacteria