Ag Water Chemical


Ag Water Chemical has been in the agricultural water treatment business since 1999, and the ownership and employees have put their decades of practical farming and water treatment experience to work for a diverse range of customers.

Ag Water Chemical’s team is ready to help you solve your problems! Water quality and the many issues that can impact even a new irrigation system may mean your system efficiency can be affected. A system that is not running at its optimum efficiency can have a major impact on your bottom line.

The business has grown largely on a reputation for excellent service and results. We utilize both organic and conventional products unique to Ag Water Chemical. The company’s customized installation and application methods deliver consistent results, optimized system performance and efficient water use to some of America’s largest growers.

We welcome the chance to earn your business and work with you on your water treatment challenges. Contact us today for an onsite analysis of your operation.

Exclusive Products

Many of Ag Water Chemical’s products are proprietary formulations that are exclusively available from us. For almost 20 years, these products have been field tested and proven to give growers the results they need.

Our experience with these various products and formulas mean we can diagnose your issues and dial in the right combination to get the job done right. Experimentation isn’t something you need in your field – we’ll do it right the first time.