Water Treatment Control for Mineral Precipitants and Scale

Make every drop count!! Prevent contamination of your drip irrigation system to avoid plugging, maintain efficiencies and operate at a high uniformity.

Kleen-Flo is a proprietary liquid blend of chemistries designed to control mineral precipitation and scale build-up in agricultural irrigation systems.

Kleen-Flo is formulated to prevent plugging in irrigation systems caused by iron, manganese and calcium deposits. This unique blend of chelating agents, disperants and surfactants sequesters minerals to prevent precipitation, scale build-up and deposits in order to maintain free flowing irrigation systems.

  • Proprietary blend utilizes four modes of action to prevent build-up: complexation, sequestration, chelation and dispersion
  • Kleen-Flo is stable and effective over a wide range of water characteristics – not pH or temperature dependent
  • Provides gradual removal of existing deposits in systems that have accumulated debris over a few years
  • Highly effective blend allows for low injection rates saving money
  • Safe. Zero hour re-entry interval

Kleen-Flo M

Kleen-Flo M provides an effective solution for high Manganese concentrations